Web hosting shared

Web hosting shared

Keituber.com – The role of the website in the business world can no longer be underestimated. The reason is that nowadays, using a website is very useful to expand a business digitally, for example to reach a wider market. But still many business people don’t want to have a website because they are stigmatized as “complicated and expensive”. Although there are various factors that should be considered and taken into consideration when creating and operating a website to make it more efficient, one of them is paying attention to the hosting on the website. Hosting is divided into several types with their own benefits, one of which is shared hosting. Read below about shared hosting and its pros and cons.

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What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a hosting service that provides a hosting account that can be shared by multiple hosting accounts. In the same server and use the server as bandwidth, memory and computing power together.

For business owners who are new to using a website or for beginners who are just learning how to host their personal website, shared hosting is the right choice because of its low cost.

Web hosting shared

In shared hosting, users are solely responsible for maintaining and running their website pages independently. The host service provider has an obligation to protect and maintain the stability and security of the server.
Benefits of using shared hosting
Have a reasonable price

As mentioned earlier, shared hosting is much more affordable. This happens because the model is used together. This is not uncommon, which makes shared hosting one of the best recommendations for beginner web developers because it can reduce the risk of loss.
Easy to use

In addition to affordable prices, novice web developers are also fully controlled by the service provider with server management. Users no longer have to think about server problems that seem complicated and waste a lot of energy. It is possible to improve the hosting quality (improvement) if the site visitors (traffic) on the website increase significantly so that users can manage it safely and easily and develop the capacity and quality of their website. Generally, users upgrade from Shared Hosting to Dedicated Hosting where the server usage is limited to one user.
Suitable for beginners

Shared hosting is perfect for simple blogs and websites. Shared hosting is often used by small to medium business owners who are just learning to use a website or are just starting to make the website one of their brand communication channels. If the amount of traffic is not too huge, using shared hosting is quite enough. Because they are used together, the costs will actually be more efficient and effective than using other hosting.

There is access to the control panel

Using shared hosting services allows users to have access to manage control panels. Through the control panel, users can perform various development, design, content management tasks on their website without any special knowledge or skills.
Disadvantages of using shared hosting
Server security is not guaranteed

The use of concurrent servers makes the security and stability of a website account less guaranteed. Misuse of other features may occur. This can affect the quality of the server and even installed security holes.

Limited server control

As the term suggests, shared hosting allows two users (the service provider and the administrator) to run the same server at the same time. This makes control access directly to the server slightly limited. Unlike the use of Dedicated Hosting, which allows website administrators to freely manage data and control servers.

Potential failures can occur at any time when one of the users on the server experiences a significant increase in traffic. Server performance is greatly affected by the stability of usage between websites or applications. Due to usage patterns that go hand in hand with limited server capacity, downloads are highly likely.

It is not flexible

When the website traffic to be managed is high, you need a large server usage. Unfortunately, in a shared hosting service, there is no CPU or RAM upgrade option, only storage upgrades and additional features are available. If this happens, of course, you should consider choosing cloud services that are more flexible in terms of capacity, such as Dedicated Hosting, so that the website is more stable.

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