Servers for web hosting

Servers for web hosting

What is web hosting ?

What is web hosting

Read More – Hosting or web hosting is a service that makes all files and website data available online on the internet and can be accessed by anyone. Web hosting is like home to your website, so people can visit it from anywhere.

Hosting provides the technology and resources needed to keep your website safe and efficient online. A web host’s job is to manage and run the server, maintain the website, and ensure that information such as text, photos, and other website files can be accessed by visitors via a web browser.

Come on, learn more about what hosting is and how it works! Here we explain everything you need to know about web hosting. Happy reading!
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Servers for web hosting

How web hosting works

If you want to create a website, you must first find a hosting company that provides server space. The web host stores all files, assets and databases on the server. When someone types the domain name in the Browser Address field, the host transfers all the files needed to complete the Question.

Basically, it works the same as when you want to rent a web hosting house. You have to pay a monthly rental fee to keep the server fully operational.

To minimize risk, every web hosting plan on Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee from the time of purchase, so you can test the service first to see if it fits your needs.

For a simple website or blog, you can purchase our single hosting. Later if the website gets bigger and the traffic gets busier, you can upgrade to a hosting package with a bigger capacity.

If you want to use our service, you don’t need to know a technical programming language to manage your site. A web hosting account provides a graphical user interface so you can manage every aspect of your website.

For example, you can upload HTML and other files to the server, install a content management system like WordPress, access databases, and back up your site.

Although the cPanel hosting platform is widely used by web hosts, for some users with little technical knowledge, using this powerful tool can be a little confusing. That’s why our team created their own control panel for Hostinger users.

The Hostinger control panel has an attractive, intuitive and very simple user interface even for beginners in the hosting world. So far, Hostinger’s control panel has helped our customers manage and manage all of their hosting accounts without any hassle.

Servers for web hosting

Apart from providing server space for websites, web hosting providers offer other services related to website management, such as:

SSL certificate (uses https:// protocol to secure the site)

Hosting email

Page builder

Developer tools

Customer support service (live chat available)

Automatic website backup

One-click software installation (e.g. for WordPress or Drupal)

After we talk about what web hosting is, we will talk about its types.
Types of web hosting

Every web hosting service provider offers different types of hosting to meet the needs and desires of the customers. The following are examples of frequently used hosting:

Shared hosting

VPS (Vkonkret Pbersaing Sserver) hosting

Cloud hosting

WordPress Hosting

Dedicated server hosting

The bigger the website, the more space you need. Get your website online with a basic shared hosting plan. If the traffic to your website starts to slow down, please upgrade to a higher hosting.

Usually, web hosting providers offer more than one hosting package for each type of hosting. For example :

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest and most popular type of hosting. This package is perfect for blogs and simple websites. When asking what web hosting is, users usually refer to shared hosting.

With shared hosting, you share a server with other customers at the same hosting provider. Online websites on the same server share all resources like memory, computer power, disk space and so on.

The advantages are:


Easy for beginners (you don’t even need to know programming)

Pre-configured servers

Intuitive control panel

Server maintenance and administration is the responsibility of the hosting provider.


Little or no control over server configuration.

If traffic is high on other users’ websites, it will affect your site’s performance.

Hosting VPS

By using VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, you are still sharing the server with other users. However, the web hosting provider allocates some space on the server for you.

This means you get limited server space and you get limited computing power and memory.

In addition, VPS hosting is the right choice for business website users with high traffic.

The advantages are:

Dedicated server room (no need to buy a dedicated server)

Increased traffic on other websites has no effect on your site’s performance

Root access to server

Simple measurement

It can be managed by yourself


More expensive than shared hosting (for more, see Shared VPS Hosting)

Must master information and technical knowledge related to server administration.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud server hosting is a hosting service that uses multiple virtual servers to create an online website. If one server is down or down, another server keeps the website online and accessible. This type of hosting is perfect for large websites like ecommerce websites.

The advantages are:

Little or no downtime

If the server crashes, it will not affect your site

On-demand resource allocation

Pay as you use.

More scalable Than VPS


Costs are hard to estimate

Root access is not always available

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is another shared hosting, especially for WordPress website users. The server is specially configured for WordPress and there are ready-to-use plugins for things like caching and security. Because the configuration is so good, your site will load quickly and avoid problems. Often, WordPress hosting plans include additional WordPress-related features, pre-designed WordPress themes, drag and drop page builders, and custom developer tools.

The advantages are:

Cheap (generally the same price as shared hosting)

Easy for beginners

One-click WordPress installation

Good performance for WordPress sites

Customer support promotes WordPress related issues.

There are pre-installed WordPress plugins and themes.


Especially for WordPress websites only (problems can arise if you want to put a lot of websites online on the server, but some of your websites don’t use WordPress).

Hosting provided

With dedicated hosting, you can have your own physical server dedicated to your site. For that, the use of dedicated hosting is very flexible. You can configure the operating system and software you want to use, as well as configure all aspects of hosting according to your needs.

Renting a dedicated server is just as good as having your own server, but with a dedicated server, you can get help from reliable customer support.

The advantages are:

Full control over server configuration

High reliability (you don’t need to share server resources with other users)

Root access to server

Guaranteed safety

Deficiency :


Must have technical knowledge of server administration.

Difference between web hosting and domain name

In addition to website hosting services, you will need to purchase a domain. However, what is the difference between web hosting and a domain name? Website hosting is the server location for your site, and the domain is your site address. An example is our domain name. If users want to access your site, type the domain name into the browser’s address field. The server serves the content requested by the user.
Read more: Difference between hosting and domain

With most web hosts, you will have to purchase the domain name separately. On the other hand, if you already have a domain name, you can transfer it to your current hosting provider. As with any hosting plan, you must pay for the domain name annually to maintain ownership of the domain.
So, what is web hosting?

Now you know what web hosting is and everything about this service, especially if you want to create a new website. In general, web hosting is a service.

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