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Development app mobile developer – An application developer or mobile developer is a profession in the IT sector that is in demand today, especially since it is very difficult to separate the daily life of humans from smartphones.

A mobile developer has responsibilities and obligations no less than other IT professions. If you are interested in pursuing this field, first make sure you know what mobile developers do. Check out the discussion below!
What is mobile development and the role of mobile developers in it

Simply put, an application developer is a profession responsible for developing mobile applications. Two operating systems that are generally based on mobile are Android and iOS. And you’re probably using one of these operating systems.

Development app mobile developer

Well, you know, the two operating systems have differences in the world of app development, for example:

  • Android

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Developed by Google, the app is compatible with various types of devices for Android OS.

  • iOS

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Developed by Apple, the app is only compatible with Apple-launched devices such as iPhones and Macs.

Apart from this, the role of the application developer is much broader than just creating and launching the application. They should also maintain and update the application regularly so that there are no errors that hamper the user experience while using the application.

Nowadays there are many platforms that offer mobile app creation such as Ionic and PhoneGap. Due to the availability of these platforms, application development is classified into native and hybrid applications. What is the difference? See below:

  • Native applications

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Created using a specific programming language for a specific platform. For example, Java for Android operating systems, and Swift/Objective-C specifically for iOS operating systems.

  • Mixed applications

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This application was originally web-based and later converted to Android and iOS mobile applications with native code. Compared to native apps, hybrid apps are relatively easy to build.
The difference between mobile development and web development

Mobile development specifically deals with mobile-based applications, on the other hand, web development deals with applications that run on the web. That’s the short answer. But to make it easier to understand the difference, let’s look at the following table.

Duties and Responsibilities of Mobile Developer

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The following is a description of the duties, duties and responsibilities of a mobile app developer.

Work closely with the team to bring new features and improve functionality to keep the app popular.

Build the application interface using a programming language so that the application supports all types of smartphones.

Regularly maintain and make changes to maintain the app’s functionality.

Understand customer requirements, then translate them into application frameworks.

Discuss with clients to determine the best plan to achieve application development goals.

Ensure applications meet quality standards.

Testing the app’s functionality, durability and user-friendliness before it goes to market.

Fix bugs as soon as possible to avoid disturbing users.

Don’t miss out on the latest technological developments by following coding exercises, concept development, terminology and more related to mobile development.

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Skills needed for a mobile developer

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Being an app developer requires mastery of programming languages. In fact, this is not enough, many skills are forgotten because they are rarely talked about. To start working in this field, you need to know at least the following skills:

  1. User interface design

One of the most important things mobile application developers need to master is the ability to design user interfaces.

They are tasked with providing a user-friendly, attractive and simple application display.

  1. Be careful

As someone who works on building apps from scratch, you have to pay more attention to details. In the coding world, just entering a single space will cause an application error, preventing the application from running.

If you have this, people often get frustrated finding the error location. So it requires patience and utmost precision in work to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

  1. Marketing skills

After the application is finished, you should definitely market it and distribute it to a wider audience. You can choose to put a price on the app or leave it free but use ads as a source of revenue.

If you don’t feel like a marketing expert, you can use marketers to increase app visibility on alternative Android and iOS app marketplaces.

  1. Problem solving

When building an app, you’re bound to run into at least one or two problems, usually bugs. Of course, this problem can not be left alone.

It is inevitable to swallow the bitter and find out the cause and try to fix it until it works. If you get stuck, you can ask your colleagues or search for answers on forums on the Internet.

  1. Analysis

An app developer needs to be able to analyze and understand the needs of the community so that they can develop the right app. If it is based on the needs of the community, the proposed application has a chance of success.

  1. Cyber ​​security

Mobile and PC applications are vulnerable to hacking by hackers. Of course, this will affect the company’s income, especially if the stolen company’s confidential information is in the application.

Therefore, it is important for the developer to have cyber security so that his application is protected by cyber security shield.

  1. Creativity

Ultimately, being an app developer should be creative. You need to think outside the box to develop unique, interesting and innovative applications to have a stronger competitive edge than your competitors.

Want to become a mobile developer? In fact, having the skills mentioned above, there is no guarantee that you will be able to work automatically in the company. Practice developing small applications to build a portfolio, so the exercises will challenge you.
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