buy a domain name the best domain search 2022

buy a domain name the best domain search 2022 – The best domain registrar can make or break your journey of creating an online presence. Once you come up with your unique domain name, choosing the right domain registrar for it is the natural next step.

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Signing up isn’t difficult, but first you have to choose from hundreds of companies vying for your business, and there are many things to consider before committing to one.

A domain registrar is an entity that registers domain names with ICANN, an organization that manages domain names worldwide. So it acts as a proxy and verifies that you are the official recognized owner of the domain name.

Some of the best website builders (Opens in a new tab) Services and best web hosting (Opens in a new tab) Providers also offer domain registration services, making it more logical to go for an all-inclusive, one-stop shop offering.

To help you get started on your online journey, we’ve rounded up the best domain registrars on the market right now, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about.

We’ve tested all the domain registrars on our list by purchasing real domains from each service and adding them to websites we’ve created with website building services. We know our way around domain registrars and have used each service in our feature comparison checks to find out which one is the best bang for your buck.
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The best domain registrars: how we choose them

Pricing structures can be complex. A low headline figure can be expensive on renovations, for example. Prices also vary between domain extensions, so a registrar that offers a great price for a .com domain may be giving you a poor deal when it comes to .org.

There may be additional costs for activities such as transferring your domain to another registrar. Read the small print before registering.

Look for any packaged or optional supplements. Wise’s privacy service prevents your address, phone number, and email address from appearing as a public address for the domain, otherwise it could get you a large amount of spam and phone calls. We’ve seen this cost up to $11.20 per year, but many registrars offer it for free.

Many domain registrars offer hosting as an extra, but remember that web hosting companies can also register domains. If you have an idea of ​​which web host to use, check the list of plans: When you buy hosting, you may be able to sign up for a free domain, and that’s often the cheapest option.

Finally, look at the support a registrar offers. You may not need any help at all, but if something critical comes up—perhaps an issue that could cause a renewal problem—it’s important that your provider is on hand to provide adequate assistance.

Balancing all these priorities can be difficult, so we’ve created this list of top domain registrars to help point you in the right direction.

The best domain registrars of 2022

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  1. domain registrar service

A versatile supplier that offers excellent value for money

Reasons to buy

25% off your order with discount code TECHRADAR


Very good speed during testing


Useful live chat support


Reasonable price

Reasons for removal

Best prices limited to long subscriptions

There are no monthly plans

At the top of our best domain registrar list and perfect for small and medium businesses, (Opens in a new tab) It offers some of the most popular domains in 25 country codes, and also sells premium domains as a broker.

With nearly two decades of online presence, the company – one of the world’s largest domain name registrars – has expanded into web hosting and now offers a range of products, including full design services and web hosting. prices tend to be average, but we’ve got you covered. 25% discount Almost everything in your cart*. Non-premium TLDs (.Life, .men, .Live etc.) start at $2.99 ​​for the first year ($2.24 with our code). In relation to other industries, they rise significantly after the second year).

For privacy protection, you have to pay a reasonable $8.99, plus you can add email, web hosting, SSL certificates and malware protection, none of which are mandatory. You can stick with the basic website builder, which is free from every domain: you get a drag and drop website builder, tons of mobile-friendly templates, up to six pages, SEO tools. (Opens in a new tab)Paypal integration and even access to a stock image library.

Support is more than adequate with 24/7 chat, email and phone support. may not have the cheapest prices, but it offers a very balanced offering.

*After the initial discount period, all renewals will be charged at the current standard list price for the selected period. Coupon not valid with Sunrise subscriptions, Landfill subscriptions, EAP subscriptions, pre-registrations, premium subscriptions, renewals, transfers, custom website design, other coupons or special pricing.

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  1. Bluehost domain registrar service

A quality domain registrar that offers great value with its hosting package

Reasons to buy

Competitive pricing for domains


Best value hosting package deal


Good customer support


24×7 live chat is helpful.

Reasons for removal

Not the cheapest domain name registrar.

Non-refundable purchases

Limited domain transfers

Bluehost (Opens in a new tab) If you are looking for a reputable domain registrar with a very reasonable price, it is one of the best choices out there. Bluehost sells .com domains for $12.99 per year and .org for $9.99, but those looking for a hosting plan can take advantage of Bluehost’s best offerings.

People who buy a shared hosting plan from Bluehost get a free domain (in addition to a website builder) and that shared plan is $8.99 per month, but TechRadar readers can get it at our special discount of $2.75 per month (for the first time). That’s certainly a solid value proposition (and we’re very impressed with BlueHost’s chops, a web host with fast performance and quality live chat support).

When you have your domain of choice, BlueHost offers an easy-to-use search system that clearly presents your options (and options if your first choice isn’t available). Additionally, you can add domain privacy and protection with your purchase, which means your personal details and profile are private and not publicly visible (via Wis).

Bluehost also provides you with an auto-renew option, which saves you the hassle of manually renewing your website domain(s) and ensures that there are no accidental errors that result in the domain name(s) being blocked.

Those looking for web hosting as well as domain purchases will get a lot of punch in the money department with the above offer and note that there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

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  1. IONOS domain registrar service

Great discount for the first price

Reasons to buy

Good additions


Best first offer for most domains


Good price


Clear and simple pricing

Reasons for removal

Renovations are expensive.

Complex user interface

Poor customer support

IONOS (Opens in a new tab) It’s a well-known company for its wide variety of hosting plans, and their offerings at domain registrars are no different.

IONOS offers amazing value for the first year, but after the initial price, the renewal price increases. For example, you can get .com, .org, .net, .biz and many others for $1 for the first year.

After that, the .com renewal fee is $15 per year, and increases to $20 per year for .org, .net and .biz. Some domains like .mobi are very expensive, with the initial cost being the same as renewals at $20 per year.

After you choose a domain, you’ll also get a professional email address with 2 GB of mailbox space associated with your domain. There’s also a Wildcard SSL certificate, domain locking, up to 10,000 subdomains, and of course 24/7 customer support if you run into any issues.

There are cheaper solutions, but IONOS still offers a great deal with good extras, and the starting price is quite a bargain. Just keep in mind the cost of renewal.

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  1. Network solutions domain registrar service

Accessible and affordable cloud-based packages

Reasons to buy

30 day money back guarantee


A suitable approach for beginners


Customer support


Affordable hosting


Flexible billing

Reasons for removal

Limited hosting options

Windows servers are not optional

Relatively expensive

Providing services beyond hosting; Network solutions (Opens in a new tab) It is a great choice because of domain registration services.

When registering a new domain name, Network Solutions offers private registration to protect your personal information online. Extra protection is free for the first month and then automatically renews for an additional fee of $1.99 per month.

At Network Solutions, you can register a brand new domain, search through their premium domains, which will get you a higher search engine ranking, or buy an expired domain name.

During the bidding process, the Company will update a list of expired or expired domain names that you can choose from with the option to sign up to receive email alerts.

To get a free domain name at Network Solutions, you will need to purchase one of the hosting plans and get it free. SSL certificate (Opens in a new tab) You need to go to the “Premium” plan.

Network Solutions accepts all major credit cards and PayPal, and for those with doubts about their service, there is a 30-day money back guarantee….

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