building a web page for free How to Make a Free Website It Only Takes 5 Minutes

building a web page for free How to Make a Free Website It Only Takes 5 Minutes – How to Make a Website for Free – Did you ever think that technology exists that allows anyone to create their own website? Is there a free and easy way to create a website? I’m an ordinary person, so can I make my own website? Can you create an online store without using developer services? you can! Now there is a technology called CMS (Content Management System). With CMS, everyone can create a website easily and for free. Here are some ways to create a free website for beginners.

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How to create a free and easy website for beginners

mentioned WikipediaA content management system is software used to add, manage, and change website content. You don’t need to worry about how a website is built or how programming code is mapped to a website. All you have to think about is the content of the website. For example, you want to create a personal website. Therefore, you should think about which website you want to create, the available menus and some images should be displayed. So is creating an online store. Try to think about what kind of goods you want to sell, product prices, product appearance, payment methods, shipping methods, product details and so on. Basically, the strength of your website lies in its content. There are different ways to create a free website.

6 steps on how to create a free website

Find a domain in If you are looking for a (free) and cheap .com domain, you can check here. The cheapest .com domain.

Choose a domain name.

Create an account at DomaiNesia to get cheap free domain hosting.

Connect the domain to a host.

DomaiNesia (auto generated) Create a free wordpress website with fast deployment

Install free wordpress themes scattered all over the internet.

Determine the website you want to create

How to Create a Free Website The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of website you want to create. The most common types of websites that are created are:

Personal website
A personal website is a website dedicated to a person or an individual, this type of website is usually a blog about the personal stories, experiences and knowledge of the author.

Company website
The company website is a company information system for customers or clients to know about the products or services of a particular company. Company websites usually have their own system for their employees, so only employees can log into the system.

Online store website
An online store website is a website used by product or service sellers to market their products or services through web media. Nowadays, many people are switching from offline selling to online selling.
In addition to selling products on the market, business owners can also market using web media to increase buyers.

building a web page for free How to Make a Free Website It Only Takes 5 Minutes

Portfolio website
This portfolio website is usually used by freelancers who have skills or abilities in their field to showcase their work. There are many types of freelancers who use free websites to showcase their work, such as web designers, programmers, type designers, graphic designers, and more.

How to create a free website should be clear from the beginning, yes! Why do you want to create a website? It will be easier to do it if you know the website needs in advance.
For example, if you want to create a personal free website, make sure you know in advance what the description of the website you want to build will look like. What is the color, how does it look, what menus are available, what is the content, who can be contacted and so on. Also when you want to create an online store. Make sure that what products are sold, prices, details, website colors, business processes, payment methods and so on are clear. The point, everything should be clear at the beginning, yes!
Choosing the right CMS

There are hundreds of CMSs that you can choose from. To clarify, you can go to cPanel Hosting and then check the Softaculus Apps Installer section. There are many CMS available for blogs, online shops, e-commerce, e-learning sites and even discussion sites. Well, it is one of the popular CMS for creating blogs and websites. WordPress. You can create a free website using WordPress. When it comes to online stores, it is one of the most popular CMS. Prestashop. How to create a free website for both is very easy.

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How to create a free website based on WordPress

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is already a website. For that, you don’t need to create a website from scratch and you don’t need to understand website programming languages. It is also easy to manage, you can customize the theme as you like. There are many themes to choose from, from paid to free. In terms of security, you don’t need to worry as the WordPress team takes care of everything. And you can create a website with WordPress. free !!
What are the benefits?

Quoted from the official website ( of WordPress when used as a website:

  • Easy + Fast
  • Free
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Many plugins and templates (themes)
  • Responsive for mobile viewing
  • It has high performance.
  • Has an admin page.
  • SEO friendly
  • No need to take care of security / web security
  • No need to understand web programming languages
  • Easy to customize

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What websites can be created?

There are different types of websites that can be created using WordPress. for example,

  1. Personal website
  2. Office website
  3. School website
  4. Company profile
  5. Online store
  6. Travel website
  7. Competition website
  8. Blog
  9. Cooking website
  10. Helpful website
    inter alia. You can create a website according to your needs.
    mentioned W3Tech As of September 2018, 31.7% of websites in the world are using WordPress. This was a significant increase when in March 2018, only 30% of websites used WordPress. Please read for more details WordPress controls 30% of websites in the world. This is proof that WordPress is very popular and popular among people.
    How to create a free WordPress website

Now for those of you who want to opt for WordPress, there are many ways to create a free website. You can install it yourself, use the Softaculous Apps installer and use DomaiNesia’s Instant Deploy feature.

Open cPanel

WordPress CMS installation Via Softaculous Apps Installer.

Select the domain you want to install WordPress on;

Enter your website username and password.

Select the email to subscribe to notifications.

Choose your website language.

Click the check if you want to use the classic editor.

Click Install

Your website is ready, now you just need to adjust the appearance

The first way to create a free website is to manually install WordPress. This is suitable for those who already know programming languages ​​or web hosting, it is certainly not difficult to install WordPress manually. You can directly download the WordPress zip file and then customize it on localhost or directly on the website. Cheap domainesia hosting. You are free to change themes, install plugins and upload content via localhost. After that upload it to hosting via file manager or upload it with Filezilla.
Already have a domain or hosting? You can create a free website with WordPress through the Softaculous Apps installer. Softaculous Apps Installer is an auto-installer that is hosted and used to simplify the installation of various CMS.Content management system) are also different web applications Open source. Please go to cPanel Hosting and then install the Softaculus Apps installer. You can follow Instructions for installing WordPress through Softaculus Or follow the video tutorial below.

Buy a cheap domain ID from Domaine

  1. Through Dominasia’s rapid deployment feature
    Want to create a free website? DomaiNesia can help you, you know. You can use DomaiNesia’s Instant Deploy feature to create a free website with WordPress. Let’s read Tutorial to create a free website In the next 30 minutes. You can directly order a domain, order hosting and create a WordPress website in one step. Just choose a hosting package, enter a domain name and enter a username and password to log into WordPress, you know!
    Changing themes and installing WordPress plugins

After you’ve successfully created a WordPress website, it’s time to decorate your website. All conveniences are provided by WordPress. You can customize the look with several existing themes and plugins. You can choose a free or paid theme depending on your needs. There are also various plugins that you can choose from. To make it easier to customize the look, you can Installing Elementor Page Builder on WordPress. Want to learn step-by-step WordPress customization to become the website of your dreams? Let’s follow here step by step The Complete WordPress Guide
How to keep WordPress safe

Be sure to install a preferred plugin like All in One WP Security and Firewall or WordFence to keep your WordPress website secure. Domainia is also equipped with anti-virus and anti-malware to prevent hacking. You can also use CloudFlare to prevent DDOS attacks. Want to know tips to protect WordPress from hacker attacks? Read How to protect a website
Prestashop: Easy to create an online store

Why is Prestashop needed?

Prestashop It is one of the CMS. (Content Management System) Designed specifically for creating an online store. mentioned Wikipedia, Prestashop is developed using PHP and MySQL programming languages. the same…

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