Recipe: Yummy Wimbi porridge and mandazi

Wimbi porridge and mandazi. The authentic Kenyan Porridge is made of millet or wimbi. There are many variations of Uji depending on the community one comes from and preferences. Most times, we add lemon and sour milk to make our porridge sour.

Wimbi porridge and mandazi Eggs & Egg dishes Sausages Bacon. Extras on order Dawa (Hot water, lemon, ginger & honey) Milk smoothies wa mahindi, mtama na wimbi). The benefits of Famila Baby Weaning are: Rich in Vitamins and Minerals – Important for boosting baby's immunity. You can have Wimbi porridge and mandazi using 4 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Wimbi porridge and mandazi

  1. It’s 4 tbsp of brown wimbi flour.
  2. Prepare of Sugar.
  3. You need of Lemon juice (enough to your liking).
  4. You need of Water or milk.

Rich in Folic Acid – Important for promoting growth and bone-marrow production as well as a healthy nervous system ensuring strong bones. Rich in protein – Important for regrowth of cells. Mandazi/ Buttered bread French Fries, chipolatas Carrot Sticks, tomato sauce. Weetabix Milk banana Creamed Porridge Chicken stew, Ugali, spinach / Terere Glass of water Fruit salad with yoghurt toppings Rice, Green grams Potatoes Watermelon A glass of water Chapatti, Coconut beans, Veg salad A glass of water.

Wimbi porridge and mandazi instructions

Wimbi porridge and mandazi brown wimbi flour • Sugar • Lemon juice (enough to your liking) • Water or milk Cris Nakweya Uji Wa Wimbi (Yeast African Porridge) millet flour (I used Sorghum / Jowar flour) • water • sugar / honey or to taste • cardamom powder Bethica Das Ugali wimbi with meat stew # festive season contest at kakamega Kenyan/African food Recipes. Get all the Recipes of the meals including Common Snacks which are; Kaimati (Fried Dumplings) Enriched Mandazi (East African Doughnuts, Enriched) Common SnacksMahamri (Swahili Doughnuts) Basic Mandazi (East African Doughnuts, Basic) , Meat Samosa (Sambusa ya Nyama), Pancakes (Chapati za Maji), Vegetable Samosa. Stay in school, work hard, be the top student, go to University and get a good job. Do these things, and some day you will be successful. Thankfully, we are talented in different ways.

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